Seattle, WA 98199
About me
From Kid Pix to Figma, creating art has always been a huge part of my life. Having grown up in a family of writers, artists & musicians, I spent my youth getting creative however possible. In my teenage years music was my life, I spent my free time printing and posting flyers for the local punk shows and working in the blown-glass gallery in my hometown. At school I basically lived in the art room, dabbling in many forms but mostly practicing painting and collage. In college, I concentrated on photography, but supplemented classes in fashion design and culinary arts to seek other creative experiences. Meanwhile, I began acting in the local Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, where I found my love for crafting and hunting to put together the most screen-accurate costumes I could cultivate. I picked up various hobbies like silk screening and hula-hoop making. On the side I started a Burning Man regional theme camp that went from two to twenty people over it’s 10-year run; between budgets, spreadsheets, meal planning, and camp logistics I developed many valuable management skills.

At work I began designing professionally when I was invited to join the marketing team at Brown Paper Tickets apprenticing under the Senior Designer. Over the years I touched everything in the company I could possibly improve visually. Our outreach team had me producing signs, branding giveaways, designing trade show booths, handling shipping and event logistics, where I would often be on-site to help things run smoothly. Inside the office it was a continuous job keeping the spaces looking professional, branded and highly functional for our teams. This included working with vendors for paint, custom furniture, decor, everything down to branded signs and office supplies. I eventually took on a lead designer role where my primary responsibility has been in marketing, which is always incredible working with masters of content creation, impactful writers, and social media gurus. I’ve collaborated with others on print collateral, campaigns, ads for digital and print spaces, promotions, and landing pages. 

In my skill development I’ve taken many classes at School of Visual Concepts to improve my knowledge of design, and I’ve recently completed my certificate in UI/Visual Design. Using Sketch and Figma to bring my ideas to life has been the most empowering practice since first learning the Adobe Creative Suite. Design has helped me grow in so many ways and the most rewarding part of being a designer is getting to help improve other’s lives through creating beautiful, efficient experiences. I'm excited to see where art and design take me next on this adventure.
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