Create a new feature for the Postmates app based on user research and improve its home page design to support the feature.
The app is difficult to navigate and does not offer an easy way to keep track of your favorite restaurants and orders.
Design a more efficient home page with better navigation. Implement a feature for saving custom orders for quick access and a more accessible favorites menu.
MY Role
User research
Competitor analysis
Feature concept
Brand alignment
User flow 
Wire framing
UI/UX design

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
Mood board
This mood board captures simple, bold and modern looks to support an easy to use app design. The idea of using maps and icons will increase functionality by helping organize navigation and assist in finding nearby restaurants.
Style board
In this brand refresh I designed custom icons for an easy to navigate toolbar including home, favorites, profile, and cart. I used rounded buttons to mimic the existing brand on the Postmates website for a more unified experience, as well as matching the fonts and logo. 
I began with a brainstorm to get an understanding of who would be using the app.
Tech-savvy millennial
College student
Employees with limited breaks
Busy, working parent
Executive assistant
User research
Jack, 37, Client Success Manager
Lives with roommates, often eat as a family, but sometimes have different schedules or cravings. Ordering from apps is convenient for when they don’t feel like cooking or going out.
App use: 
Postmates and UberEats preferred, sometimes uses Doordash. Orders at dinner time, week nights or weekends, 1-3 times/wk. 
• Free or low delivery/service fees 
• Flexibility - Postmates offers order for items like ice cream 
Pain points: 
• Service fee will sometimes still appear at check out when it’s supposed to have free delivery 
• Often takes a long time to decide based on featured restaurants
Amanda, 33, Copywriter
Lives with husband and two year old. Works full time; commuting, grocery shopping, day care pick up/drop offs and other mom-tasks keep her very busy. Vegetarian diet, but family eats meat.
App use:
Grubhub, Instacart for groceries - has not used Postmates. Orders around 5-6pm (dinner) on weekends, once a week or less.
• Quick and easy ordering
• Filtering for vegetarian options
Pain points:
• Wishes there weren’t ordering minimums
• Offering food from unfamiliar restaurants from far away

Devin, 27, Cloud Support Engineer
Works long hours, mostly orders from his office for lunch. Girlfriend enjoys cooking most nights, but order out sometimes.
“I want a simple app that doesn’t think for me.”
App use: 
Doordash, UberEats, GrubHub. 12-2pm (lunch) 2-3 times/wk. Will order for himself or for groups of co-workers.
• Free or low delivery/service fees
• Would like to search nearby restaurants for pickup
Pain points:
• Food categories overlapping (i.e. Thai food in the Chinese food category) or incorrect menus
• Not enough customization for menu items

User flow
Wire frames
I started with hand-drawn wire frames to get my ideas outlined, then moved into Sketch to create more detailed wires.
Final high fidelity pages created for the prototype.
Component Library
Design system created for the app feature pages and navigation.

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